Monday, October 25, 2010

Rumors of 2012 Sequal, 2009 : 'Director promises the biggest man-made disaster since the establishment of its predecessor'

Today Roland Emmerich, director of 2012, announced that a sequel is in the works. Emmerich stated that 'it will focus on ‘disasters of the past’ and that this movie will include a man-made disaster, as opposed to  the natural ones present in 2012. Specifically, Emmerich  asserted that the movie will focus on the most ‘gruesome, tragic and regrettable’ disaster of them all... the making of 2012. ‘2009’ promises more wanky and over-the-top special effects, less of a plot-line (Although Emmerich stresses that this will be the most difficult aspect) and the biggest man-made disaster since the establishment of its predecessor.  

Sharpening the claws until next time....

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Facebook: the playground for narcissists and nitwits

Firstly, I want to state that I do have a facebook account and yes, the content that I am about to write will ironically highlight my hypocrisy. Karl Marx criticized the Bourgeoisie when he was a member, himself?  What an analogy. How narcissistic of me! In an attempt to remain on subject, I will list the things that I intend to complain about in this blog. They include: status updates and the 'About Me' section.

I do not understand why people need to update their status. 80 percent of status updates that I see, torment me. They make me ask myself why I have a Facebook account. To which, I can never find an answer. 'Just ate a salad', 'just watched Oprah', 'just inhaled oxygen', 'just exhaled'.....'JUST BLINKED' . I do not really care about what you are doing or eating. Your life isn't that meaningless is it? Or maybe it is? I guess I am the one reading it, does that make my life even more meaningless? No.

The 'About Me' section is an excellent place to sell yourself and to embrace the pointless commodity in which you have recently become. I have noticed that in the 'Political and Religious views' area of this section, people tend to make highly original and skeptical remarks like 'are for faggots', 'don't care',  'are a load of shit' or Christianity. Just leave this field blank if you are too bone-headed and ill-informed to make a valid or at best, a remotely witty judgment and/or comment in this field. That is my skeptical remark anyways...

Well that is my poorly justified, unoriginal and hypocritical rant for the week. I have deliberately cut  this subject short so that I can to refer back to  it in a later blog. This will probably take place when I have run out of subjects to write about. Yes, I will milk it for all it is worth. Which is probably very little...

Sharpening the claws until next time... (lame)

Thoughts of a Paper Tiger

I have established this blog in order to vent and address things that antagonize me. Truthfully, up until now, I had never pictured myself as the type of person who would indulge in the lovely world of blogging. However, while searching the internet for 'quick and easy ways to make money', my thoughts on the subject alternated. Money tends to have that effect on me. I do realize that my chances at achieving this goal are one million to one and  that these odds would normally be more than enough to deter the normal person from engaging in such a tedious activity. however, they do enhance the odds in which I am bestowed with at present.

Firstly, in a feeble attempt to create a catchy blog title, I labeled this 'Thoughts of a Paper Tiger'. Figuratively speaking, a paper tiger is something that seems threatening (EG. a tiger) but is in fact harmless (EG paper). I thought that this would suit the nature of my blog as it will often complain about things in a somewhat aggressive manor, however, it will not go any further then this and it will not amount to anything more then annoying and mindless winging. Everyday observations will be a constant theme along with sarcasm,criticism and some other low forms of wit and bitterness...